Oscar Pistorius convicted of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

South African runner Oscar Pistorius after his appeal to Pretoria’s court wasconvicted of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius is now under a home arrest, but in nearest future he will start his longest distance.

Prosecutor, who read out a verdict to World-class athlete last Thursday named his story “a kind of Shakespeare’s tragedy”. Most likely, Hollywood producers will never avoid such an exciting scenario that was created by the destiny instead of them. A man of spirit, a sprinter with no legs that inspired the entire planet turns out a murderer.


On a Valentine’s Day (14th of February, 2013) Pistorius shot his girlfriend through a closed door of the bathroom. First judgement said that Reeva Steenkamp was killed accidentally, so Pistorius was put under house arrest. However, Steenkamp’s parents appealed to the court and a minimum punishment for Oscar under another Criminal Rule was 15 years in prison. Continue reading

The famous tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the busiest cities in the country of Vietnam. Many tourists from different countries and visitors from neighboring cities come and fill the crowd in the southern part of Vietnam, which is the Ho Chi Minh City or commonly known to many people as Saigon. Aside from going to markets for shopping beautiful and creative souvenirs and having a taste of the best Vietnam delicacies; people come and visit Ho Chi Minh City because of the amazing architecture that French colonists have brought up during the Vietnam Wars.

The War Remnant Museum

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City is the War Remnant Museum, which is also called as the, “Museum of American War Crime,” but later on recognized by the United Nations as the, “Museum for Peace.” Sometimes, it is very important for tourists to also have a knowledge and understanding about the history of any place where you are going. Visiting the War Remnant Museum will make you feel how it feels like to be in a war, especially during the Vietnam War. You can find different photos, battle equipment and transportation used by the Americans. And of course do not fail to come and see the Cu Chi Tunnel, which is an underground tunnel where you can find relics during the Vietnam War.

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The next spot that tourists should not miss to visit the Ho Chi Minh City is the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was built on the highest spot in the city. The height of this church is over 57 meters. The Notre Dame Cathedral is a very good example of French architecture where all materials used to build the cathedral are all coming from France. With the cathedral built on the Ho Chi Minh City, it shows that Vietnam has freedom when it comes to religions, and so everybody respects this place as holy and as part of the Vietnamese history. And do not fail to visit the Central Post Office, also architecture from French colonization, which is just adjacent to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The next place that you should not fail to visit the Ho Chi Minh City is the Giac Lam Pagoda. In Vietnam, the major religious affiliation of the Vietnamese people is Buddhism and there are thousands of temples for Buddhist to worship for their spiritual belief. The Giac Lam Pagoda was built more than 230 years ago, having more than a hundred antique statues and tablets declared by their King during the year 1804s. Still, this old temple has something for local and foreign visitors when it comes to understanding their history, so it is a must to visit. And you must also come and check the Cao Tai Temple, where Cao Dai religion is worshipped. Pick a Ho Chi Minh tours around is the logical choice for a day, or take the open bus Continue reading