PhuQuoc island snorkeling tour

Being able to breathe underwater would be sweet. There is so much life underneath the water that we don’t know about it. I would love to check out the bottom of the ocean to see what’s going on down there. Are you into deep diving courses? Searching the underwater life? Well, this is for you! PhuQuoc Island has an excellent spot for diving or PhuQuoc snorkeling tour has different kinds of beaches. One of the most famous beaches in this place is the Long Beach; this beach is ten minutes away from the international airport. It has bright and clean water, vast gold sand beach. Big coconuts palm trees and a stunning sunset that makes a photographer’s dream. Long Beach is the epicenter of all tourist activities that includes swim, snorkeling, kayak, and jet ski. For divers, the treasure of PhuQuoc is not on land but are hidden below the surface where the panorama bursts into a virtual array of colors of the beautiful corals. PhuQuoc has nutrient-rich; warm water draws a huge school of tropical fish.

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